The City of Florence Moves to New Technology for Job Applications; Job seekers can now easily apply with new online system

Press Release


City of Florence  •  P. O. Box 98  •  Florence, AL35631  •  (256) 760-6400  •  Fax (256) 760-6388




DATE:                       February 28, 2014

CONTACT:              Mayor’s Office                          PHONE:                 (256) 760-6400


The City of Florence Moves to

New Technology for Job Applications

Job seekers can now easily apply with a new online system


Florence, Alabama – Mayor Haddock is   pleased to announce that the City of Florence has launched a new software   system to improve the hiring process for job seekers and hiring   managers.  Job seekers are able to   quickly apply online for numerous positions currently open via the City’s HR   webpage.   Interested candidates can   apply for current vacancies or sign up for new openings that become   available. 


The City of   Florence has partnered with NEOGOV, the nation’s largest cloud software for   HR in government and education.  Using   this technology, HR and department   managers can access online records to expedite hiring and provide greater   accountability when selecting new employees.   


City   HR Director, Alanna Sullivan, says the new software system will help   potential applicants in reducing the time devoted to submitting applications   for open positions.  Applicants will   have the advantage to store applications, resumes, cover letters, and other   supporting documentation to their own secure personal account; therefore,   allowing them to easily submit applications for multiple positions in which   they may have an interest.  Another   unique feature is the “Interest Card.”    By submitting an interest card, when the position in which you are   interested posts at a future date, the system will automatically alert you by   email.  This helps to reduce the chance   of candidates missing an online posting of a position.


The   new system also allows hiring managers to more effectively create minimum   qualifications to sort through a pool of applicants.  With the new system, administrative work   and technical maintenance costs are reduced as this workload is handled by   the NEOGOV system.


The City of   Florence now joins over 1,000 organizations across the nation which have   moved into cutting edge online technology for personnel management.



Alanna Sullivan, City of Florence Human Resources   Director

110 West College Street – Suite 107

Florence, AL  35630




NEOGOV   is a market technology leader in cloud computing HR management applications   for the public sector and education. NEOGOV’s suite of applications allows   organizations to automate their hiring, recruiting, performance, and   onboarding processes.  More than 1000   agencies use NEOGOV including states, cities, counties, colleges, universities,   and k-12 school districts across the United States. For more information,   visit:



Alex   Bottom, NEOGOV

222   North Sepulveda Suite 2000

El   Segundo, CA 90245




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