A Note From The Desk of Police Chief Ron Tyler

Chief Ron Tyler received a phone call yesterday from a citizen wanting to discuss “the conduct of an officer.”  Thinking another complaint was be called in, he was pleasantly surprised to hear the details.  While this caller was in line at Panera Bread to order breakfast for herself and her aunt yesterday morning, she was behind a patrol car driven by a female officer.  As she pulled up to the window, the cashier told her that she was a “victim of a random act of kindness.”  Confused, the lady asked the cashier to explain.  The cashier told her that the officer who was in line before her had just paid for her breakfast!  Officer Kristi Colburn, you meant to do this privately without recognition, but your “random act of kindness” deserves some attention. On behalf of these two strangers, your chief, and our community, thank you for you selfless service!

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