Florence Police begin crack down on golf carts operated outside of state law


For Immediate Release


September 17, 2012


To: All Media


Operation Of Golf Carts On City Streets And In Residential Neighborhoods Prohibited By State Law


Florence Police begin crack down on golf carts operated outside of state law


Florence, AL- With gas prices increasing on a nearly daily basis the motoring public has resorted to any means available to provide transport for themselves and their families. While this may seem acceptable it has caused an increase in near fatal incidents between the motorist and golf carts on the streets of Florence, especially in residential areas.


Alabama law prohibits the use of golf carts on city streets and state highways. “While they may look and seem innocent enough, the fact is they are not designed for use on streets with cars and just aren’t safe for you or your children,” states Ron Tyler, Florence Police Chief.


The issue of their safety goes much deeper than what most believe. Golf carts are designed for special uses, such as golf matches or special events, and are not equipped with safety devices required by federal and state law. This places these recreational vehicles at a higher risk for crash and the results can be catastrophic resulting in serious injury to those riding the golf cart and the drivers and passengers in motor vehicles.


“Our intent in addressing this issue now is to prevent any family from dealing with the aftermath of a tragic event,” states Tyler, “It is our responsibility, as your police department, to inform the public of the issues we find and enforce the laws designed to protect you and your loved ones.”


Beginning this week the Florence Police Department will start issuing warning citations to those caught riding golf carts and other recreational vehicles on the streets of the city. The police department will grant the public an educational period until October 1, 2012, to learn what is required to make a recreational vehicle “street legal.” After the grace period citations will be issued.


Citations for operation of a golf cart on city streets can include a variety of traffic offenses including; failure to display proper registration, no seat belt, no turn signals, no brake/headlights, no insurance; in addition to moving offenses that the police officer observes.


“I can not stress enough that our goal is not to take the fun out of owning these recreational vehicles. My job as your Chief of Police is to protect life and property and if cracking down on this issue saves one life then our officer’s have provided you with the services you expect,” stated Tyler.




2 thoughts on “Florence Police begin crack down on golf carts operated outside of state law

  1. Atawaytogo-put the snipers out to stop the wilda— seniors speeding around town in their golf carts., and leave the LOUD Radios ,sqeeling tires,and LOUD exaustpipes alone, After all we seniors have already lived our lives ,the young dudes now are our future ‘leaders”. We dare not tell them what they can or cannot do. Go gettem kemosabbi

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